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Monthly Archives: May 2010

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Dry autumn in Sydney

It was getting colder and colder… I felt so dry these days… I would normally put a thick layer of body lotion after shower, but just a couple of hours later, my skin would appear dryish with some ‘pattern’, looks like a piece of land

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Love food, delicious food

I love food. I really love food. Hence if there is any way that I can have delicious food as well as good for skin, I will be the first to take it. Do you like carrots and beef? If the answer is “yes”, here

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The way to sleep

Have you ever had the experience that you woke up from suffocating of nightmare after you sleeping on your stomach? Hehe, I am just joking, but you maybe find your face are full of red marks and take a while to go away? Sleeping on

Exercise- crucial for skin…

This morning we went to play tennis. It was such a beautiful day! Although I didn’t sleep well last night (too many things on my mind. Haha), I felt quite energetic, running around, picking up balls… I was feeling really really great! LoL You know

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Moody? No…Happy? Yes!

I had a bad day today, a lot of things gone to the direction which was not according to my will. And I was shouting to my boyfriend with every little thing he said. I felt I was like a bitch & I was shocked

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Something fun to do?

Well, I guess every girl starts pay attention to her looks/appearance/body figure from around 8-10 years old (now maybe a bit earlier given media invasion to life). I began putting myself on some sort of diet from 10 years old (although I was pretty skinny

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Looking at myself and friends around me, I would like to reiterate the importance of water. Many times, you would ignore this crucial element in our life, however, ignorance always has consequence. In this context, you will feel tired, thirsty & lack of energy. The

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Botox again

I watched the Channel 9 ‘Today’ Show the other morning, and shockingly found they talking about more and more people taking Botox injection to ease the wrinkles, including girls only 20ish years old. I couldn’t keep my mouth shut, shocking shocking! Not only because that