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Monthly Archives: August 2010

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Not really a good day…

Went to the dentist today cause of unendurable pain. Was shocked by how bad my teeth are…gum all messed up… I really need to pay attention to brushing teeth thoroughly… The dentist also said— don’t complain how much you paid for your teeth… why you

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All about love

Last weekend when I sat at church, the pastor was preaching about ‘Love’, I didn’t really pay full attention in the beginning, thinking about the later dinner, etc. I guess God was a bit annoyed by my absent mind, and drove me back. Suddenly, every

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Exfoliate your skin

I went to facial in the city yesterday, in the early morning, yes, 8:30am on Saturday morning. I kinda of feel surprised about how determined I was to get the facial done… right, I haven’t gone to salon to treat myself for a long time.