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Monthly Archives: October 2010

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Wrinkles tell different stories…(part 3)

Wrinkles under the eyes Hint: If you have wrinkles under eyes, that is the indication of the detox function of your kidney and bladder.  The skin under eyes are very slim,  quickly drying.  if you have ‘eye-bag’, then really need to take care of the

Wrinkles tell different stories…(part 2)

Neck wrinkles Hint:  the neck skin is thinner than the skin on the face, by about 1/3 less, so that you can maintain the flexibility of the neck to reduce the time extension generated resistance.  But with age, the body began to loss of collagen,

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Wrinkles tell different stories…(part 1)

In the business world, we always try to identify the organization’s issues and solve them. The different problem have different solution. Wrinkles on your face also tell different stories—- Vertical wrinkle above lips: Wrinkles hint: during or after the menopause, when the body lacks estrogen, 

Help him… to clean skin

I am not sure how successful for you gals to convince your men for skin care. I tried quite hard. Due to my sensitivity for the skin, when I started dating, I always tried to see what condition the guys’ skin are, what products they

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White or black?

I skyped with my good friend from Shanghai this evening, she looked me from webcam & started screaming “how come you became so dark? Australia sun very strong, right? you should use some whitening products…”  she is more skincare freak than myself, so I didn’t

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Sometimes hunger is not a bad thing

As I always reiterate, I love food and I have multiple meals per day (3-5, varied portion).  Once a while, if I don’t have time for quality breakfast, till lunch I would feel so hungry, then I end up eating a lot.  Well, I reckon

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Expensive junk food?

In today news, every station was talking about more public health experts have joined the call for a tax on junk food, facing the surging rates of obesity. (Read more: So these junk food, such as frozen pizza, chocolate bar, potato chips, etc. will be 10% more

Eat soon after you wake up…

Saturday! Yeah! But since we booked tennis, I had to get up at 8:30am (haha, not too early, but it’s Saturday). Anyway, my bf was smart, he had a few crackers and a small can of tuna before tennis, I didn’t have anything since I

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Been a long week, quite busy. As one of my colleague was screaming at 6:15pm, still in office “Gosh, I didn’t even know it’s already past 6, where has the day gone?” Exactly. Due to lack of sleep two days in a roll, I decided

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No skipping brekkie

Just saw an ad. on TV, an mid age guy was talking about “don’t miss breakfast and Sizzler has great Sunday breakfast option…”. Although it’s a normal commercial, the message delivered is totally true. Breakfast is the key meal of the day, providing energy to