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Monthly Archives: November 2010

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Raise your head to prevent wrinkls

I read an article today which made me scared… it says when you wash your hair in the shower, try not to look down, but raise your head up.  Because when you look down, the scalp will move down too.  one or two days is

Face cleansing ritual before bed (for him)

I was watching my boyfriend doing his chores before bed. -He washed face with running water, not bad (a bit waste of water, since he didn’t turn off the faucet while applying the cleanser, but forgave him this time). -He massaged face for 5 seconds

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Eye cream + face cream= wrong

I skyped with my skincare expert friend this evening, to save time, I was washing my face and putting on creams.  then I heard her screaming, “What are you doing?” She questioned nervously… “putting on cream”, “why do you apply the cream twice under  your

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Treasure yourself: Miranda Kerr

She is my favorite model. Yes, Miranda Kerr, with angle like face, body and spirit, married Orlando Bloom, now 7 months pregnant, still charming as yesterday!  Famous super model, but with wholesome country-girl-next-door shyness, beauty skin most women would kill for. I have to say,

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Moisturizering Again, key to anti-wrinkles

Not sure it’s because that I had quite a few glasses of wine a couple of days ago, or that I at some spicy food, my skin has been very dry and a bit itchy since yesterday afternoon. I could not help myself touching and

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Make the most of your Shower time

The weather has been unpredictable, sun & rain & downpour…very moody… but thanks to that, we did get some ‘surprises’ and beautiful sunset. ^_^ Later tonight, downpour with cool air, so comfortable, I want to have a hot shower before sleep… ok, let med share

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Nutrient is key

I have been coughing for a while, not related to cold or flu, just dry cough. It is annoying… as I was also having my period, can feel that my immune system was screaming for help. This weekend, I tried to keep warm, take ONLY

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Throat Thirst…

The weather has been a bit crazy… suddenly pouring rain for whole night, then sunny for a bit to tease you, then rain again… I have to take jacket with me all the time, you never know when it will be chilly again. However, I

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Eye thirst…

Melbourne Cup! Oh well, I did invested 20 bucks… bought “so you think” win (wrong), Americain in place (half wrong), Maluckyday in place (right). so I could get 15 bucks back, 5 dollars loss. Not too bad. 🙂 Then I had quite a few drinks,