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Monthly Archives: December 2010

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Sand, wind, skin…

Today was a day full of action! Went to Port Stephens– Anna bay for a 3 hour 4WDing on the Stockton Sand Dunes, it was beautiful! And the sand board for a couple of rounds, beat my boy friend… haha However, the sand was everywhere,

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La Mer and La Prairie

I was in David Jones. I wanted to buy the cleanser since mine old one was running out. Then I walked around all the counters, trying to find out which brand is on discount and which sales is better than others… here I talked with

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Keep hands looking younger…

It has been a crap weather today. Raining, raining and raining. After a few hours’ shopping spree, the best time in this weather is to rent the DVD and stay at home enjoy the movie. Today we watched “”Being John Melkovich”, very original dark comedy,

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Christmas wish– younger looking skin?! why not? :P

It’s Christmas today! Every thing looks so lovely… I wish every person, every family is enjoying this special time with love… Last night my aunt called, apart from sending X’mas wish, she also told me one of her new -finding in health life. Boil the

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Food for beauty

I can bet with you that  you have applied some veggie or fruit or some sort of food on your body or face as a way of skin care. Egypt: milk bath Queen Cleopatra was a famous beauty, she DIY a lot to keep the

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Natural way to beauty…

A couple of days ago, a popular Chinese young pop singer (24 years old) died during the plastic surgery which caused a lot of discussion. Why Asian girls (including Chinese)  are so obsessed with plastic surgery to get prettier and prettier, why they are so