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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Home-made Lemon skin care- Refreshing!

I have had freckles when I was young. At that time, people around me sometimes friendly joked that I was cute with those. But I knew they kinda of saying it didn’t look good, however since you were just little, not too bad. Now I

Blueberry- I want real deal for skin care and health…

I ate cereal + yogurt + blueberry + almond this morning, very healthy. When I got to work, I read an article about the research has found that many “blueberry” cereals, pastries, bagels, breads and bars are not made with real blueberries at all! Which was

Australian Open Charms…

Jan.17, 2011. Australian Open officially starts from today. So from now on, I know where I am going to be at night and what I am going to do. I began to notice more about Ana Ivanovic from Hopman Cup a couple of weeks ago.

Housewife skin care… :)

My friends always ask me ” do you mind becoming a housewife?”  “No, of course not. I think I will be a great one.” that’s my answer.  Especially recently I am hooked with “Mad Men”, looking at those charming housewives in 60’s, you would feel

In the time of Flood… skin care can’t be ignored

Queensland Flood has been a real disaster, many of my friends, family living in Brisbane have moved out of their houses. Everyone prays for the rain to stop, people stay safe and things get back to normal. I will pray the same thing for them, and may

Exercise and Sauna

I went to Fitness First in the morning. After dancing class, I took shower & walked into the steam room for a 5-min relaxation. There was this girl, lying on the bench, with all her cosmetic, skin care stuff around, looks like she had been

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Combination Skin Care

I have combination skin.  Nothing to complain about, just like it’s useless to complain about why I don’t grow a bit taller or have bigger boobs. As the name sounds, combination skin contains both dry and oily skin. The areas of your skin which is

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Don’t Grow Old

Just finished watching the documentary on SBS– “Don’t grow old”.  It was talking about the process of ageing is underway inside every cell of our bodies, for centuries scientists have been attempting to come up with an elixir of youth. Now remarkable discoveries are suggesting

Apple, ah Apple

“An apple a day keeps the doctors away.” Yeah, right, Apple is a great fruit — Full of VC, VE, antioxidant, good for nourishing skin, reduce wrinkles and other skin diseases; its high-calcium can help body to lower cholesterol. One friend of mine tried only

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Wish you all the best with the pursue of the better, younger looking skin in brand new 2011! 🙂 I will also try to search and provide more useful contents to share with all like-minded supporters here! Thanks! WrinkleMania Say “NO”