Housewife skin care… :)

My friends always ask me ” do you mind becoming a housewife?”  “No, of course not. I think I will be a great one.” that’s my answer.  Especially recently I am hooked with “Mad Men”, looking at those charming housewives in 60′s, you would feel that one of the glamorous thing you would want to experience.

Anyway, I am working still, and taking most of the housework at the moment.  It’s not ideal, I hope some day this will change, however, for now, we need to live with it.

So, with the goal of making the most of what you have, I think I still need to take care of my skin while I cook, dust, clean…

1. Good routine

- Now I get up and wash hand, brush teeth, then make breakfast.  Eat breakfast with bf, and start doing my getting-ready-for-work routine— shower, skin care, make up. Enjoy the morning in my own pace.

2.Wash off all the oils

- If you do fry-meal a lot, you need to really wash your face soon enough after cooking, since the smoke from oil cooking will destroy outer layer of the skin. With time, the complexion will deteriorate and tend to grow acne.

3. Protect hands

- Washing and cutting…  many things will add a lot pressure to our hands… maybe you want to wear a pair of glove when you do the washing part, I don’t because I don’t feel comfortable. But try to put on hand cream after each cooking or washing to moistrurize them.

Hope we can become glamorous housewives… :)

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  • Dushanka

    I am sure your dream will come true soon ;) I wash a dishes a lot. As I don’t like dish-washing machine. What type of cream should i use? Or just protect my hands with gloves? I don’t like gloves as my hands get sweaty inside them.
    I like your website, very cute design :)

    • Wrinklemania

      Hi Dushanka, thanks for your comment! regarding washing dishes, yes, you can try wearing the gloves, the thin ones, which might help on the sweating issue. But if you don’t want to wear them, just make sure to put on hand cream every time you finish house work. No matter how many times a day, never worry about ‘too much’. :)