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Monthly Archives: February 2011

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Eye Care – Depends on the shape of your eyes 3

“Desperate Housewife” actress Eva Longoria has always had the fame of “HOT” since her debut. her recent NEW boyfriend Eduardo Cruz attracts more limelight. Anyway, I am not going to talk about her personal life here, just her eyes. Very beautiful eyes, right? — Round

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Eye Care- Depends on the shape of your eyes 2

Well, if you have eyes like Nicole Richie–Big and bright, Very attractive to everyone.Congratulations! However, the skincare expert might want to talk more with you about the potential problems. Because the big eyes plus sharp double eye lid will cause quite some trouble for you.

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Eye Care- Depends on the shape of your eyes 1

Expert has found that 80% of eye ageing depends on the shape of one’s eyes. Interesting eh?  If you think about it, different shape on eyes mean different thickness of your eye area, lines direction, etc. I will talk about 4 most typical shapes in

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Conquer the dryness in the office!

As we all know, one of the great contributors for wrinkles is the dryness. Especially if you work in the office, where air-conditioning on all the time, the printer, hundreds of laptops, desktops endlessly releasing the heat, all these lead to the dryness of our

New usage of Botox

Now watching 9 News, the lady was treated by Botox (normally used for wrinkles) for her acne scars and she was thrilled with the result. The doctor explained “’re contracting a muscle that is pulling the scar apart a bit, Botox can help to ease

Use lemon to get rid of wrinkles…

Finally, Sydney is not scorching hot anymore… phew! Continue with last post. I read another article about using Lemon to help wrinkles. Great to know… I always think Lemon is only for whitening skin, etc. But it’s also very effective on anti wrinkles. 🙂 Again,