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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Record how you age with iphone app…

Grab the MX newspaper before jumping on the train back home. In the “What in the weird” section, I read this news— ‘iphone app for the age’, basically it takes a picture of your face daily to chart the ravages of time… what’s good about

Potato is Great for you! Keep eating!

Coles potatos on discount, so I bought another 3kg bag, whole a lot.  🙂 I like them, boyfriend loves them, so everyone happy. A friend of my was saying that I was slim hence I didn’t care that too much potato will make me fat,

Yeah, those moistrurized lips…

Lips Care Q & A Q:In the autumn, winter, my lips always feels dry. No matter how many times I apply the lip balm, after a while, it feels dry again. A:It’s normal because of the weather, so we need to pay more attention to

Chewing gum helps you get rid of wrinkles…

I love chewing the gum… especially one after each meal, will keep the smell fresh and sometimes I even use them to wake me up…maybe that’s an excuse, maybe I would love that sweet taste… 🙂 But I need to control how many gum I

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Eye Care- Depends on the shape of your eyes 4

Example: Korean Actress- LiyuanZheng If you have the similar eye shape like Liyuan Zheng, Korean actress, eyes tip a bit trending down, then you are on the list of most loved eye shape by males. 🙂  Apparently they think this shape of eyes call out