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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Quick mask & skin care for him

You don’t want to forget about his skin while taking care of yours.  But he is not cooperative.  Sounds familiar?  What they always say – “I am man! I can’t be like you spending hours in that bathroom!…” – “No way, I need to think

Annoying Pimples…

I love food.  So here is a unavoidable problem, whenever I ate too much spicy and oily food, the pimple will jump out.  Every Single Time! Yesterday I went to eat Buffet hotpot.  OMG! There were so many food, I let myself go WILD. This

Too many parties, too much drinks, What about my skin?

My long-time friend Julie is 35 years old. She is a successful lawyer, but still single. As she claims “miserable”.  I told her that a lot of people envy her life style, but she just tells me off.  Anyway, she has been partying and drinking

Happy International Women’s Day!

Hi all, happy International Women’s Day! Hope you had a great day today and your husband, boyfriend or brother shared some of your work or take you out for dinner! 🙂 If you are happy and proud to be women or there is someone inspired

No much Salt, please!

Tonight at dinner table, my fiance complained to me about my dishes too salty.  I was not happy to hear that since it was me who cooked for 1 hour and was going to wash dishes too.  Also if you think it’s salty, just drink