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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Thinking better ways to ‘sleep’ in the office…

It has been raining today and I was a bit slack… Getting late, but I feel still need to post something here… so let’s have a beauty quickie. Sorry for the headline, it doesn’t suggest anything negative. 🙂  Maybe I should use ‘nap’ instead of

Beauty sleep

Last night was an unpleasant night. Unpleasant in terms of beauty sleep. We went out for a walk, then greedy me had a huge chocolate sundae around 10pm.  Back home, I played on computer for another hour, shower, then I was ready for bed about

What should add to breakfast?

I normally have a breakfast routine. Weekdays – cereal with milk, some nuts and fruit. Weekends – go out for big brekkie, give me some meat! 🙂 But I still constantly do my research to see what should be included in the breakfast, which is

Use CMT to get rid of the puffy eyes

Due to my Asian background, I trusted Traditional Chinese medicine and the Collateral Meridian Therapy (CMT).  Because they always do magic!   You can see these days more and more people take on herbal medicine, acupuntures, etc. to get rid of their chronic disease. CMT is an acupressure technique based

Neck massage – for a younger looking neck

Hope your first day after Easter holiday is not bad at all. 🙂  OK, continue with yesterday’s topic of we should taking care of our neck.  Apart from daily care, when you have time, give your neck a bit more massage time, which can double

Skin care crucial – don’t forget your neck!

I think I am obsessed with wrinkles. that’s why I started this blog. LOL.  OK,  especially the neck wrinkles of the movie stars.  Why? They always spend heaps of money on face, sometimes you can’t tell how old they are, but when you check their neck, most

The shelf life for cosmetics

Hope you are having a great time with your Easter holiday. Continue with yesterday’s topic on reuse expired cosmetics… today I want to briefly list the shelf life of some common cosmetics for your easy reference. In general, as you may know, the shelf life

Expired cosmetics can be reused too…

Happy Easter! 🙂 The other day we talked about how to use expired milk to do skin care,  today is Easter holiday, I have some time to look around my skin care corner in the bathroom, found some bottles already expired – bought too many,