Beauty sleep

Last night was an unpleasant night.
Unpleasant in terms of beauty sleep.

We went out for a walk, then greedy me had a huge chocolate sundae around 10pm.  Back home, I played on computer for another hour, shower, then I was ready for bed about 11:45pm.  Very late!!! 

I was thinking about the beauty sleep – in general beauty sleep refers to sleep from 10pm – 2am, this period is the best time for skin to detox and recover. Although most of the time I could not make it to bed at 10pm ( sounds a bit early, right?)  but I always try around 11pm, which is not too bad.  

My fiance still sat on the sofa, typing away on his laptop.  The lights were all on.  “What on earth is he thinking?” I thought to myself “Can’t see notice that I went to bed? why the lights are still on?”   You know that if you sleep with the lights on, actually your skin can’t really relax and rest.  Your skin will continue fighting against the light, delaying the recovery function.  I ‘screamed’ at him,  he did turn off the lights.

Strangely,  I could not sleep anymore.  I tossed and turned on the bed, trying to keep my mind focused on sheep.  “1, 2, 3, 4….. 99, 100…. 125…” I lost count after a while.   Felt my tummy was warm and seems continue digesting… Was it because of that huge Sundae?   Oh, I am losing time. it’s already 12:30am…  Not knowing why, I became nervous.  Then I remembered that one book says if you are nervous during sleep or when you trying to sleep, your skin won’t really go through the recovery stage.  I started massage myself a bit.  Later, I felt asleep.

This morning, I woke up at 6am.  Felt tired but could not go back to sleep. Understood that I only slept maybe 5 hours. I refused to get up, just lying on bed, adjusting my breath, try not to think anything,  or tell myself to think not to think anything…  I felt asleep again.  Till 8:45am.  At least I got about 8 hours broken sleep last night.  It’s based on quantity not quality though.

A few quick points for beauty sleep -
1. Try to sleep around 10pm, if can’t, by 11pm
2. Turn off all the lights
3. Do all your skin care routine before sleep
4. Relax your mind, don’t be nervous, be worry-free

Hope all of you can take advantage of the beauty sleep. After all, it’s the cheapest remedy, isn’t it?  :)

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  • Zoi000

    ONe thing i know is not eating too much or too close to your sleep. You won’t feel too well that way…