Thinking better ways to ‘sleep’ in the office…

It has been raining today and I was a bit slack…

Getting late, but I feel still need to post something here… so let’s have a beauty quickie. Sorry for the headline, it doesn’t suggest anything negative. :)  Maybe I should use ‘nap’ instead of ‘sleep’.

Continue yesterday’s topic,  when a lot of us (including myself before) working in the office,  we would feel extremely sleepy after lunch, especially in summer time. So unavoidably, sometimes, we could not help taking a 5 -10 minutes nap at the desk (if the boss is not against it). 

OK, just look at the way you sleep, let me guess.  You put one side of your head on the desk , or with your arms under your head as a pillow.  Sounds familiar?  Hmmm,  but these ways would contribute to the wrinkle’s generation around the area where touching the desk or arm. Some people even put their forehead on the desk — remember that sometimes you got marks (if the desk is not even, or ink from the paper) stuck on your forehead?

If you really can’t fight against drowsiness, I suggest you to take a small pillow (make sure the cover is soft, silk is the best) for the nap. 

Another way is not napping at all, have a cup of coffee, tea, or taking a short walk will help you chase away the sleepiness.


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  • stella

    I could not find a way to sleep in the office, hence the tips probably doesn’t work for me. :)   But I like coffee after lunch to wake me up… coffee is my savior!