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Monthly Archives: June 2012

All about Sleep

We are still in Taiwan for an extended trip. Very much like an island,  the country always have small earthquakes and quite rainy from time to time.  Two nights ago, I woke up in the dream because the bed was shaking, for about 10 seconds.

Facial Yoga 3 – kill double chins

 Sometimes we can see a lot of young people who are can’t be described as ‘fat’, however they have double chins… Why?  That probably alerts that the skin around chin getting loose.   Get rid of double chins  As you may know, the skin on

Facial Yoga 2

Continue with Facial yoga post 1,  some more tips about how yoga can help keep the facial skin youthful.  Facial Yoga – lips Have you ever noticed the older people – if they don’t smile, the corner of their mouth always look downwards, seems like