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Monthly Archives: July 2012

New Way to Get Rid of Dark Eye Circles!

So happy! Today I discovered a few new ways to get rid of dark eye circles… Simple & Effective! A. Sugar off the darkness You need: some brown sugar, handkerchief Steps:    1) Put moderate amount of brown sugar in a pan, low heat to

A bit Makeup for the Summer

I am in Phuket right now. You know how many Aussies are here? 1/3 of Australians if not half. LOL, just joking, but you know what I mean, lots and lots. Try to get away from the chilly winter & enjoy the warm sea and

Eat the Right Food to Fight UV

As I am travelling in south east Asia at the moment, I would like to share some tips on fighting the UV.  Although Australia, New Zealand are winter now, the sunlight is still pretty strong on a sunny day, therefore, protection from the sun is