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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Result of Papaya & Pineapple Extracts Peel Off Mask

I tried this  Papaya & Pineapple extracts peel off mask which also purchased from ‘dm’ in Germany.  I used to not liking Peel off due to some bad experience, the cleaning process was not what I prefer.  But these were so cheap, I could not

Result of Aloe Vera+ Yogurt Mask

I tried this Aloe Vera + Yogurt mask which bought from ‘dm’ in Germany. (BTW, I love ‘dm’, it has sooooo many skin care & personal care products and very cheap too. ) I hope that I can buy a suitcase of stuff, however, I

Result of the first mask trial that I bought in Germany

I tried this Luvos mask the other night – The text on the pack means – Natural cosmetics with healing earth moisture mask; this is what I got from Goggle translation, anyway I did got the idea it was for moisturizing when I bought it, the hint is the water

Fine Lines Attack

I have been travelling for a few months till now.  From the hot summers to the cold north Europe, spent most days outdoor, I could feel that my skin condition got deteriorated quite badly. A few signs started worrying me — 1) fine lines around my