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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Use Ginger to Warm you up & Control weight

I stayed in Spain most of time this winter. Barcelona has mild winter, however, there is no central heating in the apartment I rent, only electric heaters. So I still feel cold from time to time. Wrapped with blanket, lazing on the couch and watching

Potato + Honey = Face Slimming Mask

I gained 3.5 kg!!!   Been in Europe for almost 3 months. Every day, I ate a lot pastries, visited so many bakeries and chocolate while sitting in the car for longer time…  I have to say all the food was not wasted, now looking

Put Strawberry & Lemon into Great Use – on Face!

Apart from the good & cheap facial mask I found from dm in Germany and other European countries,  I also tried to find good “recipe”, not for cooking meals, but for cooking some great home-made solution to clean or moisturize face. After checking daily candy today,