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Natural way to beauty…

A couple of days ago, a popular Chinese young pop singer (24 years old) died during the plastic surgery which caused a lot of discussion. Why Asian girls (including Chinese)  are so obsessed with plastic surgery to get prettier and prettier, why they are so envious about western standard of beauty, they are a lot of reasons for that– history, societal, psychological, etc.  It is sad that a lot of them take appearance as higher regard than other personality or education, however, for a period of time, I can’t say this would stop.

Anyway, not to put too much serious conversation here— I still prefer natural way of skin care and keeping youth. If it’s not for an unavoidable situation, such as, face being hurt in an accident, born deformed, etc. I would not recommend that you go to volunteer to lie on the operation bed. Anything that the doctor put in your body, under your skin, will have side-effect to a certain degree.  Because, they are not supposed to be there.

So, try your best to keep eating healthy, keep moderate exercises in your daily/weekly routine, keep positive attitude towards life, you will be happier and younger, inside out.

However, I am not saying if the look is really bothering you when you get a bit older, you can search for some better way to get them improved. Today I saw an deal introducing a non-surgical facelift which last for 6 months, maybe a bit similar to Botox, but you have no need to endure the pain and injection into your face. Sounds much better to me.

Fight wrinkles, but try in a natural way!

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