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A bit Makeup for the Summer

I am in Phuket right now. You know how many Aussies are here? 1/3 of Australians if not half. LOL, just joking, but you know what I mean, lots and lots. Try to get away from the chilly winter & enjoy the warm sea and beaches, party and cheap drinks.

If you are too in the northern hemisphere or in tropical area and enjoy the heat, maybe you would like to read on.  Similar with all the Olympic female athletes, they compete in hot weather, but still want to look great.  What kinda of make up should we wear for summer? 

Tip1 – black & white

This can be used for shopping, or party in summer.  Don’t put too much color on the face, just use the eyeliner to draw a nice line with an option of a cute tip at the end.  Great definition of eyes will make you pop straight away.

Tip2 – Highlight colors

Great colors are always the show stealer.   But don’t use too many – just remember to take care of two combinations – eyebrows & lips;  Cheek blush & eye shadow. Then you are done!

Tip3 – Sporty make up

Due to the London Olympic 2012 is fast approaching, how to do a great sporty make up is a hot topic at the moment.  Actually a lot of makeup artists shared their thoughts – with the great skin, you don’t really need too much , just eyeliner and blush to touch up, that’s enough! 

So,  no matter where you are, if you are enjoying the summer or will welcome the summer in the near future, don’t forget to try out these tips!  

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