Last weekend when I sat at church, the pastor was preaching about ‘Love’, I didn’t really pay full attention in the beginning, thinking about the later dinner, etc. I guess God was a bit annoyed by my absent mind, and drove me back. Suddenly, every single word from the pastor started printing into my head, and my brain began thinking about the words.
“Love”, actually “everything is about love”, you need to love yourself and love others. Not only emotionally, but physically. What I mean physically, not what you dressed, that’s not relevant in this context. Physically refers to your body, your hair, your skin, your eyes, your teeth, every single organ in your body actually depends on how much you love them, how much you take care of them.
To relate more to our website, there is a old saying— there is no ugly women, only lazy women. Hence, guys, there is no excuse that you ignore all these skin care details… you need to love your skin, love your body, more than anybody else does, because that’s yours.

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