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All about Sleep

We are still in Taiwan for an extended trip. Very much like an island,  the country always have small earthquakes and quite rainy from time to time.  Two nights ago, I woke up in the dream because the bed was shaking, for about 10 seconds. Boyfriend jumped up and dragged me out of bed and about to run out.  We didn’t, since the shaking stopped and no neighbors seemed to take that so seriously.  we went back to bed.   

Sleep sweet & tight

But it took me a long time to fall back to sleep. 

The next day I was so tired…  then after lunch, I took a long nap… it was so hard to get up again, I was like,  melting in the couch.   I promised myself to sleep early at night, if can’t catch the ‘beauty sleep’, at least to improve the quality of sleep. 

Just a few tips to improve sleep here to share with you, I will also need to practise more.  🙂

1.  Moderate exercise before sleep, such as a small walk, a bit of yoga stretch…
2. Wash face with about 36C water, or take a nice warm bath…( really love the sound of it)
3. Make sure the air inside room is fresh and moisturized
4.  A simple massage around nose area
5.  Apply some cream to prevent dry skin
6.  No large amount of food or beverage before sleep, rather alternatively half glass of warm milk, which helps both sleep and skin. 

Hope tonight you sleep sweet and tight. I know I will.  🙂 

One thought on “All about Sleep”

  1. EliseH says:

    warm milk before sleep works magic for me. as well as warm bath…

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