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Aloe Vera mystery

I had always thought that Aloe Vera is great for skin, so I tried to include it in my skin care routine. I bought aloe vera gel when I got sunburn, I use aloe vera cream for my breakout, I even drink aloe vera juice with pulp inside for cooling purpose.

Last weekend, my friend gave me a small aloe vera plant in a pot, I was so happy since now I could use the fresh aloe vera straight from the plant! How cool is that?!

I could not wait for my face really have some problem, just some fresh refreshing mask from aloe vera probably will make my skin more moisturized.  So I peel the two stems and put out the pulp, together with some juice I put everything on my face and lay down for a nap. But when I got up after 35 mins, my face was a bit reddish and itchy, how come? I wouldn’t understand.   Was it because of the aloe vera?

I googled aloe vera, from Wikipedia, I read something about aloe vera from what I learned from all other media and even friends — although aloe vera is a common ingredient for cosmetic industry and beverages, scientific evidence for the cosmetic and therapeutic effectiveness of aloe vera is very limited. Aloe vera has toxic properties when used at certain doses, either on ingested or application. So I guess I used the raw aloe vera without any filtering, some of it’s property worked negatively.

My learning — if you have sensitive skin, don’t put huge amount of fresh aloe vera juice/pulp on your face,  you may use them on a small area, such as to heal or comfort bug bite or breakout.  But not the whole face.

One thought on “Aloe Vera mystery”

  1. HelenW1 says:

    oh my! really? i love aloe vera, if don’t consume or use large quantity of raw pulp/juice, i guess should be ok, right?

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