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Apple’s new treat – make you feel happier

The research from University of Otago in New Zealand found out that an apple a day doesn’t just keep the doctor away,  diet rich in fruit and veggie makes young people calmer,  more energetic and improve your state of mind,  in general people will feel happier. 

An Apple a day can keep you calmer, energetic and happier

What a great news! I do love apples, although I could not promise that I have apple every day, but I make sure to have some sort of fruit and vegetables in my diet for sure. 

The research was based on the controlled research on 281 young adults, trying to figure out if there is positive correlation between eating fruits & veggies and the mood.  The result was showing during the days the participants eating more veggies and fruits feel happier, calmer and more energetic; while the group eating fast food more won’t have the same result.

So how much should we eat fruits and veggies every day to achieve the happiness?  The research team suggested 8 portions on an average day would be suffice.  1 portion = half of the tea cup amount. well, I would say, one apple, one banana, and some veggies would be enough if you are not a vegetarian.

Does that mean vegetarians feel happier than non-vegetarians?  I still have that question mark in my head… since I do love meat too. 🙂 

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