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Are you rational in terms of skin care? Take the test!

Today I took one test, see if you are rational in skin care or more just following the feeling.   Interesting, so I listed here for you to try too.  For skin care – do you go for everything that seen from advertising, via friends recommendation, or you will  investigate every nuance of the ingredients to see if they suit your skin? 

See if you are a sensual beauty or rational beauty —  (while you are answering each question, record your points on a piece of paper, at the end, add them up to get the final score)

Q1- Do you have the following which an organic skin care habits?

A. regularly use tweezers to pull the eyebrows (0 points)
B. massage allows skin care products absorb faster (4 points)
C. often use good whitening products to deal with freckles (2 points)

Q2  When you are too tired in the evening, how do you treat the skin?

A. use of intensive care products (2 points)
B. simple care for the skin to relax (4 points)
C. go to bed straight away, just for one night, not a biggie (0 points)

Q3 In terms of cleansing, which of the following is correct?

A. using different cleanser is better for skin (2 points)
B. in term of the cleansing ability, the stronger the better (0 points)
C. it’s good idea to alternate hot and cold water during cleaning process (4 points)

Q4  which of the following skin care products do not need to use every day?

A, lipstick (4 points)
B. cleanser (2 points)
C. moisturizer(0 points)

Q5  how much money are you willing to spend on organic skin care products?

A.  $30-50 on the line (2 points)
B.  if they are good brand, good products, I don’t mind the money  (0 points)
C. based on my skin type, pick the organic skin care products, which has good reputation. (4 points) 

Q6 If you are prone to pimples, especially after eating spicy food, which way below is the best to quickly get rid of annoying breakouts?

A. squeezed out  (0 points)
B. eat some pills to cool off the internal heat (2 points)
C. use the special acne products to eliminate acne (4 points)

Q7 If the skin already got sunburn, reapply sunscreen is useless?

A. Yes (2 points)
B. better than nothing (0 points)
C. need to choose the right products for sunburn (4 points)

Q8 in the air-conditioned room, drinking plenty of water can keep the lips moist?

A. Should be  (2 points)
B. is not necessarily effective, should use some lip balm (4 points)
C. not sure (0 points)

Q9 what do you do before purchasing any cosmetics?

A. go to the shop for trial, then decide; if online, read a lot of review& ask questions before making decision  (4 points)
B. listen to the recommendation of the sales assistant at the counter(2 points)
C. just buy seasonal products (0 points)

Rational beauty-  more than 20 points
You are very rational person understand your need, not easily convinced by advertising. You have your own routine, step-by-step maintenance practices, which is a good habit for the skin – not susceptible to environmental or emotional impact. Also be careful not to give skin too much burdern, sometimes, simplicity 

In the middle- with 12-20 points
Have sort of skin care knowledge. Once a while you will miss some opportunity to really understand the truth of it. You have potential to learn more and establish your own routine of skin care with better judgement.

Sensual beauty – with 0-12 points
You are an absolute impulse beauty. Always make a decision just when you feel like,  rarely  through rational thinking, very easily lured by the advertisement to buy the products that you don’t really need. You need to recognize your skin type and start understand what products suit you and what not.  

Have a go and let me know what you think about your score?! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Are you rational in terms of skin care? Take the test!”

  1. Emilyland says:

    22! haha

  2. EliseWarron says:

    24! woohoo! I am rational oh yes

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