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Australian Open Charms…

Jan.17, 2011. Australian Open officially starts from today. So from now on, I know where I am going to be at night and what I am going to do.

I began to notice more about Ana Ivanovic from Hopman Cup a couple of weeks ago. She is youthful, happy and always with a smile on her face. She also played very well, only because she hurt the ankle again, Serbia lost the chance of winning the Cup. I really hope that she would get better for AO.  By the way, I bought the exact tennis dress that she wore in the game, quite cute, love it!

Watched a few games tonight, paid special attention on how they dressed and of course their play.  Tennis is a beautiful sports, elegant and cultured. Everyone also uses this opportunity to showcase their fashion style.

Checked AO website to see all players’ photos (not because i am bored),  Honestly among all the female players, not so many use glamorous shot; and among the limited numbers, Ana stand out easily.  She is absolutely a model, but still pure, down to earth and genuine.

Ok, another observation— all the players have very good body condition, tall and good shape of muscle, yes, because they practice almost every day, and their skin condition is good too. Can I say that  it proved that exercise is great for skin? I think that’s a definite ‘yes’.  Sweat, drink a lot of water, have a sauna after, your skin will go through a very thorough detox process,  no wonder  you can’t see any dark or uneven complexion on the athletics’ face…

Enjoy the games!!!

3 thoughts on “Australian Open Charms…”

  1. Sally says:

    I like her too. unfortunately she lost the game yesterday… anyway there always will be next time. 🙂

    1. Anonymous says:

       Yes Sal, this year she did better than last year… but still no championship…. doesn’t stop us enjoying tennis & cheer for our favorite athletes! 🙂

  2. dean_l says:

    Ana is amazing, same as Novak. Champions. Do you think that their skin get damage from staying too log in the sun? yes, there is a suncream, but is that good for skin? excessive amount, than sweat… I always wondered how much professional sportmens and women have to sacrifice for their career. 

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