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Last day in 2013…

Ok, I have to confess that I haven’t been a good blogger. For about 10 months, I didn’t even add one new post! What a shame! BUT I also want to share my joy with you– ¬†with the addition of the family, daughter Zoey, my

Say “no” to constipation!

Sorry to pick this topic to start a Monday. ūüôā I had a bit of trouble of constipation this morning, probably because I ate too many toasted sunflower seeds last night while watching TV. Naughty naughty! Constipation is really bad for skin and general well

Apple’s new treat – make you feel happier

The research from University of Otago in New Zealand found out that an apple a day doesn’t just keep the doctor away, ¬†diet rich in fruit and veggie makes young people calmer, ¬†more energetic and improve your state of mind, ¬†in general people will feel

Eat Right to Get Rid of Pimples…

Do you know that pimples at different places showcase health condition in different body parts? What causes pimples are different according to individual, of course how to get rid of acne and pimples will be different too.    Like myself, I always have pimples on my

Yoga Could Help Our Skin Feels and Looks Better

I met a girl in the restaurant, bluntly I said “your skin looks so nice!” “Thank you, thank you, I think that’s because I do Yoga every day! ¬†Those stretches really helps a lot.”… Surely I came back home and browsed on the internet to

Use Ginger to Warm you up & Control weight

I stayed in Spain most of time this winter. Barcelona has mild winter, however, there is no central heating in the apartment I rent, only electric heaters. So I still feel cold from time to time. Wrapped with blanket, lazing on the couch and watching

Potato + Honey = Face Slimming Mask

I gained 3.5 kg!!! ¬† Been in Europe for almost 3 months. Every day, I ate a lot pastries, visited so many bakeries and chocolate while sitting in the car for longer time… ¬†I have to say all the food was not wasted, now looking

Put Strawberry & Lemon into Great Use – on Face!

Apart from the good & cheap facial mask I found from dm in Germany and other European countries, ¬†I also tried to find good “recipe”, not for cooking meals, but for cooking some great home-made solution to clean or moisturize face. After checking daily candy¬†today,

Great Nail Art!

Rent an apartment near Rome for a few days… and can you believe that I didn’t go out for a whole day just because this apartment looks so nice with two huge windows overlooking the¬†Tiber¬†River– although very polluted, although quite excessive noise from the highway,

Result of Papaya & Pineapple Extracts Peel Off Mask

I tried this ¬†Papaya & Pineapple extracts peel off mask which also purchased from ‘dm’ in Germany.¬† I used to not liking Peel off due to some bad experience, the cleaning process was not what I prefer. ¬†But these were so cheap, I could not