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Touch Your Face

Unfortunately, I am short-sighted & I wear contact lens. To help eyes rest, once home, I will immediately take off my contact lens & put my glasses back on, then start cooking , eating, watching TV or browsing online. I sometimes feel it was kinda

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Food, food, food

I have to say I am a total food lover. I eat 5 times a day. I never forget breakfast, or lunch or dinner. I ask friends who always skip meals for advice or tips to do the same, but never succeed—my brain will remind

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“Gosh, you skin is still peeling.” My boyfriend screamed in the morning after I came out of the shower and with less clothes on. “oh yes” I looked myself in the mirror, it was quite scary. 80% of my back now was covered with curly

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Friday joy

After actually only 3-day work, it’s Friday again! I had the good mood for a whole day, even in the afternoon received a few ridiculous emails from co-workers, I still pleasantly responded. Between going out for dinner & take-away watching tennis, i chose the latter.