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Be a beautiful mum! Easy way to get you out of the door quick!

I was having a Skype chat this morning with one of my best friends – a mum. She has been complaining about so many things need to do before work everyday and the kid made her ignoring her own makeup ritual & she felt bad.

Busy mum getting make up done

Do you feel that same? Everything you do is for kids, you don’t care about your own needs, or no time to care anymore. There must be a way that you can get yourself back, try some of the tips below (from my other friend), maybe you will feel much better.

Top5 things you need to include in your makeup purse:

1. Compact foundation (can be used with dry or damp sponge) – Target to finish in: 60 secs

If you want to do one thing within 2 minute, that’s to apply foundation – to make your skin look flawless with even complexion. Use the damp sponge can easily finish this task. Remember choose the color a tad darker than your skin tone for a better result. If you foundation has SPF, even better, then you have no need to worry to apply sun lotion anymore.

2. Eye/brow pencil – Target to finish in: 60 secs

Many brands these days have eye/brow pencil, so easy & quick. The main thing is to choose on not too hard nor too soft, for a better result. You need to try as many as possible before you buy.

3. Lipstick or Lipgloass – Target to finish in: 30 secs

LipStick or Lipgloss

Women need lipstick or lipgloss – they are magic! Once apply, you suddenly look lively! Try to find waterproof one for you (I myself is hopeless with lipgloss, I will eat it after 5 mins). Even you don’t do anything else, just a nice rosy lips will make you beautiful!

4.Big brush – Target to finish in: 15 secs

Make up brush

Big brush can use in multiple occasions – loose power, blush, etc. Oh, blush is another magic thing for instant effect. Try to get a big brush, too small one won’t achieve the natural result.

5. Black mascara – Target to finish in: 30 secs


Another necessity – mascara, which make your eyes look bigger, brighter. Amazing stuff.

Ok, you got it. Hope you can master the quick refresh & makeup skill and get out of the door as quickly as possible. Don’t forget to check the shelf life of your cosmetics from time to time, throw away the expired ones to save up space of your makeup bag.

Let me know if you have any tips & tricks of being a beautiful mum, would love to hear from you, I bet other readers too!


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  1. StephanieWayner says:

    love the photo. so cute

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