I watched the Channel 9 ‘Today’ Show the other morning, and shockingly found they talking about more and more people taking Botox injection to ease the wrinkles, including girls only 20ish years old. I couldn’t keep my mouth shut, shocking shocking! Not only because that they so obsessed with how they look and put too much importance on the outside appearance rather than personality, but also how people fall easily for the short-cut method of solving ‘problems’ despise the possible bad consequence.
Come on, injecting any artificial things into your body is not a recommended anyway. Checked a few sources for the side-effect of Botox—-As with any medication, potential side effects of Botox® do exists, and vary according to injection site, dose, frequency of injections, and the amount of physician expertise. Most side effects— such as pain, tenderness, or bruising at the injection site—are temporary and occur within a few days after treatment.
The most common side effects in patients receiving Botox® for cervical dystonia are difficulty swallowing (dysphagia), upper respiratory infection, neck pain, and headache. Potential complications when using Botox® in the face and neck occur when too much toxin is injected or when the right amount is injected into the wrong muscle. Inaccurate injections in the forehead or around the eyes can cause drooping lids; too much injected in the neck can cause muscle weakness and difficulty swallowing. In general, when used at recommended doses by skilled physicians, Botox® is safe and is not known to cause any long-term side effects.
A large study of 235 patients who received Botox® injections for cervical dystonia, hemifacial spasm, and blepharospasm showed a 75% benefit from treatment for up to 10 years. Although side effects occurred in 27% of study participants at any one time, only 1.3% stopped receiving injections because of intolerable adverse effects (Hsiung 2002).
Ok maybe from the scientific point of view, if you always find an experienced doctor to help you inject right amount of toxin at the right place, every 3 months, 4 times a year… each time around $300…for how long? when are you going to stop?
I don’t really against Botox, as you can see, i also recommend some of friends to do it since that is a fast way to solve the ‘problem’. However, before this long-term commitment, we should ask ourselves many questions. If the answers are all ‘yes’, then you won’t be regret in later years.
Fight the wrinkles!

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