I am a bit of scared or critical about the big plastic surgery, like rebuild the nose, cut your cheek bone to make face smaller (although I like small face)…but I don’t have any bad feeling about the small surgery to make people look better— I already start thinking to do something about my ‘eye-bag’ when I hit age 35. Some girl friend did that, she looked really good.
First time heard “Botox” is from the General Manager in my previous previous company, his regular trip to HK made people gossiping —then the PA broke the mystery that he went every 3 months for Botox injection. Honestly, I could not really tell the difference. I thought he looked normal for male age 55.
Anyhow, when I was dating my ex-bf, his eye area & forehead was with a few deep lines of wrinkles, thanks for his irresponsible behaviour of walking in the sun without any sun-block and squinting eyes all the time. I couldn’t help nagging about it and eventually he agreed to try some surgery. The doctor suggested Botox to weaken or paralyse some facial muscles that pull on his skin & cause wrinkles, allowing skin to flatten out, so here we go. He did it and suffered a bit of pain and headache afterwards, however, the result was great. He looked much younger and rejuvenated. He had another injection while we were still together, about 3-4 month after the first shot. After we broke up, I didn’t follow up about how he looks anymore, well, nothing really. Not sure if he still does it, but I do feel thankful that he did that for me.
Botox treatment is quite popular these days. A lot of younger people also use that as a quick short-cut to solve the wrinkle problem. However, my suggestion is still try other natural ways to prevent the accumulation of wrinkles. Like food, good prevention of sun, sleep & drink water. Even takes pills. I will talk something about the pills in next blog.
Have a great weekend, such a beautiful day!

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