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Boxing Day Sale–but try not to change your skin care products too frequent…

OMG! I have never seen so many people walking on the street at the same time, apart from today– Boxing Day. People–family, friends, couples, everyone rushes out of home and join the massive shopping madness… I say ‘madness’, it’s not the over statement, every corner of the shop is full of people…

Of course, thousands of girls are trying and purchasing the skin care products and cosmetics.   I overheard some conversation of ladies saying that they change products very frequent, particularly if they could not see the positive effect.  However, the sales girl didn’t say anything which I felt it’s not correct.

For skin care cream, especially the anti-wrinkle cream, we need to give them longer time to see the result. Our skin’s natural renewal cycle is about 28 days, to any skin products, the skin needs some time to adapt. If we change so frequent, our skin can’t have enough time to use to, then leads to allergy.  If this continues for longer time, we may not expect the anti-aging effect, but weaker skin condition.

Let’s be fair to our skin care products, give them 3 months to tell if they work or not.  And when we buy the ‘cheaper’, ‘discounted’ skin care products, please be reminded that we also need to pay attention to the expire date.

Enjoy your shopping gals! 🙂

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