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Brown sugar – good friend to help ease your period pain

The time of the month again. I got quite some pain and almost lost my temper again.  What to do?  Good that I have some brown sugar still in the fridge.  

Brown sugar water

Boiled some water, stir in one tea spoon of brown sugar. Easy.  I sat down, holding this warm cup on my tummy, sip one after another… After a few minutes, I felt much better.  It’s so true  that brown sugar can ease period pain.  When women have menopause, they can also drink brown sugar water – brown sugar has very strong detox function which can help skin being smooth and soft.   For older women, sugar can help boost blood circulation, relief of constipation…  it’s so interesting that natural brown sugar has such huge benefit to our body. And it is so cheap too!

There are more and more brown sugar products these days — candy, drinks, cookies.  You can also make some brown sugar dessert at home, here is one simple recipe for you to try: 

Caramelized Apple Slice

Ingredients: Two tea spoons of brown sugar, one apple, some water


1. Slice the apple
2. put the brown sugar and water in a small pan, simmer, stir from time to time
3. while the liquid getting a bit thicker, put in the apple slices, caramelize the apple slices till them turn golden brown,  this process will last for about 5-8 minutes
4. Serve!!!

Very yummy and so simple, extremely healthy too. You won’t feel guilty of having this dessert at all!

I hope you can also enjoy all the benefit of brown sugar.  Really good stuff!  

One thought on “Brown sugar – good friend to help ease your period pain”

  1. EliseH says:

    The recipe is very easy, I will try for sure. thanks for sharing

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