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Yoga Could Help Our Skin Feels and Looks Better

I met a girl in the restaurant, bluntly I said “your skin looks so nice!” “Thank you, thank you, I think that’s because I do Yoga every day!  Those stretches really helps a lot.”… Surely I came back home and browsed on the internet to

Australian Open Charms…

Jan.17, 2011. Australian Open officially starts from today. So from now on, I know where I am going to be at night and what I am going to do. I began to notice more about Ana Ivanovic from Hopman Cup a couple of weeks ago.

Exercise and Sauna

I went to Fitness First in the morning. After dancing class, I took shower & walked into the steam room for a 5-min relaxation. There was this girl, lying on the bench, with all her cosmetic, skin care stuff around, looks like she had been

Eat soon after you wake up…

Saturday! Yeah! But since we booked tennis, I had to get up at 8:30am (haha, not too early, but it’s Saturday). Anyway, my bf was smart, he had a few crackers and a small can of tuna before tennis, I didn’t have anything since I

Exercise- crucial for skin…

This morning we went to play tennis. It was such a beautiful day! Although I didn’t sleep well last night (too many things on my mind. Haha), I felt quite energetic, running around, picking up balls… I was feeling really really great! LoL You know