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How to Look Great in Photos?

As the social media has changed how people talk about things, distribute things and share things; you realized that your photos (sometimes without your consent, which don’t show the best side of you) will appear ruthlessly on Facebook, Twitter or else.  To avoid unwanted surprise,

A bit Makeup for the Summer

I am in Phuket right now. You know how many Aussies are here? 1/3 of Australians if not half. LOL, just joking, but you know what I mean, lots and lots. Try to get away from the chilly winter & enjoy the warm sea and

Put on the best side of you – Mother’s day Makeup

Mother’s day is Sunday, can you believe it?  All media have started bombarding a month ago,  but suddenly felt it’s so close now. Have you made any plans to celebrate this special day with your mum? What gift are you going to surprise her?  I