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Quick mask & skin care for him

You don’t want to forget about his skin while taking care of yours.  But he is not cooperative.  Sounds familiar?  What they always say – “I am man! I can’t be like you spending hours in that bathroom!…” – “No way, I need to think

Face cleansing ritual before bed (for him)

I was watching my boyfriend doing his chores before bed. -He washed face with running water, not bad (a bit waste of water, since he didn’t turn off the faucet while applying the cleanser, but forgave him this time). -He massaged face for 5 seconds

Help him… to clean skin

I am not sure how successful for you gals to convince your men for skin care. I tried quite hard. Due to my sensitivity for the skin, when I started dating, I always tried to see what condition the guys’ skin are, what products they