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Eat Right to Get Rid of Pimples…

Do you know that pimples at different places showcase health condition in different body parts? What causes pimples are different according to individual, of course how to get rid of acne and pimples will be different too.    Like myself, I always have pimples on my

Yoga Could Help Our Skin Feels and Looks Better

I met a girl in the restaurant, bluntly I said “your skin looks so nice!” “Thank you, thank you, I think that’s because I do Yoga every day!  Those stretches really helps a lot.”… Surely I came back home and browsed on the internet to

Use Ginger to Warm you up & Control weight

I stayed in Spain most of time this winter. Barcelona has mild winter, however, there is no central heating in the apartment I rent, only electric heaters. So I still feel cold from time to time. Wrapped with blanket, lazing on the couch and watching

Potato + Honey = Face Slimming Mask

I gained 3.5 kg!!!   Been in Europe for almost 3 months. Every day, I ate a lot pastries, visited so many bakeries and chocolate while sitting in the car for longer time…  I have to say all the food was not wasted, now looking

Put Strawberry & Lemon into Great Use – on Face!

Apart from the good & cheap facial mask I found from dm in Germany and other European countries,  I also tried to find good “recipe”, not for cooking meals, but for cooking some great home-made solution to clean or moisturize face. After checking daily candy today,

Result of Papaya & Pineapple Extracts Peel Off Mask

I tried this  Papaya & Pineapple extracts peel off mask which also purchased from ‘dm’ in Germany.  I used to not liking Peel off due to some bad experience, the cleaning process was not what I prefer.  But these were so cheap, I could not

Result of Aloe Vera+ Yogurt Mask

I tried this Aloe Vera + Yogurt mask which bought from ‘dm’ in Germany. (BTW, I love ‘dm’, it has sooooo many skin care & personal care products and very cheap too. ) I hope that I can buy a suitcase of stuff, however, I

Result of the first mask trial that I bought in Germany

I tried this Luvos mask the other night – The text on the pack means – Natural cosmetics with healing earth moisture mask; this is what I got from Goggle translation, anyway I did got the idea it was for moisturizing when I bought it, the hint is the water

Fine Lines Attack

I have been travelling for a few months till now.  From the hot summers to the cold north Europe, spent most days outdoor, I could feel that my skin condition got deteriorated quite badly. A few signs started worrying me — 1) fine lines around my

Get Rid of the Scars

If you like me, having a bit of sensitive skin, hence 1)  with acne scars on face2)  attracted by mosquitoes and like to scratched the bites, consequently with some scars across arms and legs3)  don’t really grasp the skills of balance, fall a lot, which also lead to some