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Facekinis – extreme to protect skin from UV rays?

Read the news of Chinese women are wearing facekinis to protect their pale skin.   In Qingdao city, China, the reporters spotted a booming trend that ‘scary of being tanned’ Chinese women are covering their faces with this stretchy mask, all look like robbers of the bank

The Cheapest Way to Get Rid of Wrinkles

Like what we see in the beauty salon, using steam or hot towel to open up our pores, which will be easy to take out the debris built up in our skin.  On the other side, using the cold towel will help to shrink pores,

Watching Olympics vs. Skin Care & Health

As sports lovers, many of us will spend hours sitting on the sofa watching 2012 London Olympic games these two weeks.  Due to the time difference, a lot of people will stay overnight to watch games.  I did a few times, then the next day

Overeat – a Great Enemy for Youthful Skin

I have been on a trip for a few months, last 40 days staying in different hotels in Thailand gave me a lot of opportunities to devour tons of food.  We had buffet breakfast every morning, sometimes we also chose to eat the buffet dinner.

New Way to Get Rid of Dark Eye Circles!

So happy! Today I discovered a few new ways to get rid of dark eye circles… Simple & Effective! A. Sugar off the darkness You need: some brown sugar, handkerchief Steps:    1) Put moderate amount of brown sugar in a pan, low heat to

Eat the Right Food to Fight UV

As I am travelling in south east Asia at the moment, I would like to share some tips on fighting the UV.  Although Australia, New Zealand are winter now, the sunlight is still pretty strong on a sunny day, therefore, protection from the sun is

Keep Skin Hydrated in the Air-conditioned Environment

Yes, we all love air-con,  it gives us heat when we feel cold & offer us wind when we are sweaty.  However, staying in air-conditioned room for long time will be  quite harmful for the skin.  No matter is home, office or hotel, you need

All about Sleep

We are still in Taiwan for an extended trip. Very much like an island,  the country always have small earthquakes and quite rainy from time to time.  Two nights ago, I woke up in the dream because the bed was shaking, for about 10 seconds.

Facial Yoga 3 – kill double chins

 Sometimes we can see a lot of young people who are can’t be described as ‘fat’, however they have double chins… Why?  That probably alerts that the skin around chin getting loose.   Get rid of double chins  As you may know, the skin on

Facial Yoga 2

Continue with Facial yoga post 1,  some more tips about how yoga can help keep the facial skin youthful.  Facial Yoga – lips Have you ever noticed the older people – if they don’t smile, the corner of their mouth always look downwards, seems like