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Apple’s new treat – make you feel happier

The research from University of Otago in New Zealand found out that an apple a day doesn’t just keep the doctor away,  diet rich in fruit and veggie makes young people calmer,  more energetic and improve your state of mind,  in general people will feel

Use Ginger to Warm you up & Control weight

I stayed in Spain most of time this winter. Barcelona has mild winter, however, there is no central heating in the apartment I rent, only electric heaters. So I still feel cold from time to time. Wrapped with blanket, lazing on the couch and watching

Potato + Honey = Face Slimming Mask

I gained 3.5 kg!!!   Been in Europe for almost 3 months. Every day, I ate a lot pastries, visited so many bakeries and chocolate while sitting in the car for longer time…  I have to say all the food was not wasted, now looking

Put Strawberry & Lemon into Great Use – on Face!

Apart from the good & cheap facial mask I found from dm in Germany and other European countries,  I also tried to find good “recipe”, not for cooking meals, but for cooking some great home-made solution to clean or moisturize face. After checking daily candy today,

Overeat – a Great Enemy for Youthful Skin

I have been on a trip for a few months, last 40 days staying in different hotels in Thailand gave me a lot of opportunities to devour tons of food.  We had buffet breakfast every morning, sometimes we also chose to eat the buffet dinner.

Eat the Right Food to Fight UV

As I am travelling in south east Asia at the moment, I would like to share some tips on fighting the UV.  Although Australia, New Zealand are winter now, the sunlight is still pretty strong on a sunny day, therefore, protection from the sun is

Honey + Milk to ease Period Pain

I always have period pain during the first 2 days of my period. Every single time.  And “interestingly”, I always have to walk a long distance or go to some social gathering which make me stand for  continuous hours in these days.  I just passed my

Red foods: good for health and great for skin

I love food, also believe if you eat right, your skin and body will be right too.  Just bought some tomatoes from supermarket and talk to my fiance about drinking some wine at night.  Suddenly I realized that these food are all in red color. 

What should add to breakfast?

I normally have a breakfast routine. Weekdays – cereal with milk, some nuts and fruit. Weekends – go out for big brekkie, give me some meat! 🙂 But I still constantly do my research to see what should be included in the breakfast, which is