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Skin Care for Freckles…

I have quite some freckles on my cheeks and nose.   Used to be depressed because everybody said having whiter skin was beautiful… some people still think that way, but more and more people like tanned, darker skin, and my skin is sooooo easy to get

Weekend detoxic – Internal cleansing _ part 2

Happy Sunday! 🙂 Let’s get back to the internal body cleansing — 8. Liver is the biggest detoxification organ in the human body. It works on the food we consume, convert them into something body can use. However, some left over toxic may stay. Yoga

Aloe Vera mystery

I had always thought that Aloe Vera is great for skin, so I tried to include it in my skin care routine. I bought aloe vera gel when I got sunburn, I use aloe vera cream for my breakout, I even drink aloe vera juice

No much Salt, please!

Tonight at dinner table, my fiance complained to me about my dishes too salty.  I was not happy to hear that since it was me who cooked for 1 hour and was going to wash dishes too.  Also if you think it’s salty, just drink

Superfood…skin care new hope

These days people talk about “Superfood” a lot. Almost all the Hollywood stars eat superfood to keep them going with energy, counter the sometimes unavoidable bad ‘life style’ and anti-aging. One of the ‘superfood’ which is very affordable is Chia Seeds. Chia seed is a

Wine? Skin care?

The website Smarterdailydeal is holding a competition to win $120 worth of wine, I just joined and this triggered me the thoughts around wine… We are so blessed with the great wines here in Australia. And they are great with high quality and cheap price!

“SPF” food, everything is easy… no wrinkles!

We all know that sun is the No.1 enemy for skin…biggest contributor for the wrinkles. So apart from applying SPF lotion every day, you can also eat some food which has natural SPF ability, such as V β against UV. 1. Yellow, Red color Fruit/Veggie

Potato is Great for you! Keep eating!

Coles potatos on discount, so I bought another 3kg bag, whole a lot.  🙂 I like them, boyfriend loves them, so everyone happy. A friend of my was saying that I was slim hence I didn’t care that too much potato will make me fat,

Chewing gum helps you get rid of wrinkles…

I love chewing the gum… especially one after each meal, will keep the smell fresh and sometimes I even use them to wake me up…maybe that’s an excuse, maybe I would love that sweet taste… 🙂 But I need to control how many gum I

Use lemon to get rid of wrinkles…

Finally, Sydney is not scorching hot anymore… phew! Continue with last post. I read another article about using Lemon to help wrinkles. Great to know… I always think Lemon is only for whitening skin, etc. But it’s also very effective on anti wrinkles. 🙂 Again,