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Chewing gum helps you get rid of wrinkles…

I love chewing the gum… especially one after each meal, will keep the smell fresh and sometimes I even use them to wake me up…maybe that’s an excuse, maybe I would love that sweet taste… 🙂 But I need to control how many gum I have, since I am afraid exercising too much of jaw bones get too big…haha

But you know what? US researcher has found out that if you chew the gum 15-20 min a day, after a few weeks, you will see that wrinkles on the face would diminish and your complexion becomes better. I really wish that works on me, then I have the reason to chew my gum whenever I want! 😉

One thought on “Chewing gum helps you get rid of wrinkles…”

  1. Guest says:

    is that so? I feel better now…lol

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