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Face cleansing ritual before bed (for him)

I was watching my boyfriend doing his chores before bed.

-He washed face with running water, not bad (a bit waste of water, since he didn’t turn off the faucet while applying the cleanser, but forgave him this time).

-He massaged face for 5 seconds with hands moving in circle, from bottom up, which is good. pass!

-He rinsed the cleanser foam off with water splashing on his face, thumbs up

-He then used towel to dry face tooooo hard, ‘Wrong!’ I screamed….’it’s not the floor, it’s your face, skin, remember? pls be gentle…’ he gave me a ‘dirty’ look, but apparently he tried to avoid any potential argument, so just patted on the face, that’s it!

-He in the end put on eye cream with ring finger (great!), and night cream… all good.

I checked some of his wrinkles at the corner of his eyes & on his forehead and sighed. I can’t do much with these now, just try to prevent more coming too soon…


(*photo is no my bf. ­čÖé )

4 thoughts on “Face cleansing ritual before bed (for him)”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bravo! that’ hilarious! lol

    1. Anonymous says:

      ┬áNot a easy Job, a lot of ‘fights’… lol

  2. dean_l says:

    wow. i would like if i am that dedicated to skin care. quick face wash in the shower is enough for me ­čÖé

    p.s. good that is not your bf – the guys is married! (check big ring)

  3. dean_l says:

    And here is my confession about using eye cream

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