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Congratulations to Clinique

Heard a piece of great news today, Clinique, one of my favorite brands, has been ranked as one of the top ten global brands in the “Top Risers” category of the BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands report, conducted by influential market research firm Millward Brown.  

The research takes into account what people think about the brands they buy alongside rigorous analysis of financial data, market valuations, analyst reports and risk profiles.

It was reported that Clinique’s success is largely due to their mission to provide disruptive innovation in as many aspects of business as possible. Over the years, Clinique has evolved into a contemporary design that continues to excite consumers around the world. Espeically with its success & growth in emerging markets, like Russia, Brazil, India and China,  Clinique rose 43 percent in brand value, now among other brands such as Facebook, Starbucks, MasterCard, Ralph Lauren and Hermès.

Even Better Clinical

The best part I like about Clinique is their elevated technology and innovation to build desirability, for example of Even Better Clinical. 

 And superior in-store and online consumer touch model –  Service as you like it, that invites the consumer to shop the way she chooses to shop.

Clinique – service as you like it counter


* Established in 1968, Clinique was the first ever dermatologist-created, prestige cosmetic brand. Clinique’s mission is to provide the highest quality and most effective line of products to enhance every skin type and tone. All Clinique’s makeup and skin care products are Allergy Tested and 100% Fragrance Free. Clinique is sold in more than 135 countries & also online with products for men and women.

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