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Conquer the dryness in the office!

As we all know, one of the great contributors for wrinkles is the dryness. Especially if you work in the office, where air-conditioning on all the time, the printer, hundreds of laptops, desktops endlessly releasing the heat, all these lead to the dryness of our vulnerable skin.

So how should we conquer them?

1. Eat at least 500g fruit and vegetable per day.  70% of them is fluid, then you would have enough moisture from within. The expert has pointed out that Grape, Lettuce, White Radish, Celery, Apple and Orange are perfect choices.

2. Do you know if you turn down air-conditioning 2℃, the moisture in the air will increase 5%?  Not bad eh?! So even if in winter and you feel cold, don’t turn the air-con up so high, just put on some jacket then we are all set.

3. Put some plant or a fish bowl on the desk,  which can help you relax from time to time. They are really good sources for live oxygen too. 🙂

4. Sometimes I drink water when I feel really thirsty, therefore I can finish one full mug in just 2 big sips. This way actually is not good for digestion. Oh well,  it’s better to drink bit by bit, like a lady. haha!

Hope we can all come out of dryness and always feel moisturized, in and out! 🙂

Happy Weekend!

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