I guess I didn’t sleep well last night.  Maybe I slept too long? Maybe the pillow doesn’t fit anymore?  No matter what the reasons are,  the back of my neck felt stiff since I woke up.

Well, after complaining to my co-workers, the pain didn’t go away. I went to the gym at lunch time for Pilate class, trying to get better.  The result was not satisfactory. Ok, finally I started to talk to myself “neck not hurting anymore, neck get better, pain is leaving me…”   you know what? after 10 mins, I felt much better!

How powerful your mind is? Huge… massive… if you can control your minds, you can achieve anything. I am not talking about academically here, but maybe you can apply to your beauty practice. Try to talk to yourself 3 mins every day, in a positive manner “wrinkles disappear, smooth skin, balanced health, stronger body, etc. etc.”

You never know! 🙂

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