It was getting colder and colder… I felt so dry these days… I would normally put a thick layer of body lotion after shower, but just a couple of hours later, my skin would appear dryish with some ‘pattern’, looks like a piece of land in a drought. my lips are dry too, i have to apply lip balm every 20 mins…
Not only me complain (Thank God, I am not turning into a nagging woman), a few my colleagues also wondered if their skin were enduring something wrong, why so dry?
What shall I do? I was using the Estee Lauder brown bottle essence at night. Molly told me that it’s helping you to remove dead skin, after that you need to put on good moisturizer. No wonder, I only put on the essence for a few month, my skin was in great need of ‘water’.
OK, essence, and then moisturizer. I just put them on, now I feel much better, no matter it’s real or psychologically. 🙂
Take care your skin in autumn, it’s dry… take more good care of your skin in winter, because one second you stay in the warmer room, the next second you would step into windy freezing outside, the temperature difference will give a lot of pressure to your skin…
Get ready!

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