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Easy 2 mins Skin refresh you can do in the office

Is it raining in your city?  Raining for days, I became a bit depressed…
If you are sitting in the office, I bet the weather may also affect you? 

Reading documents, typing on computer, blah blah in the meetings… brain got exhausted, eyes felt sore, even skin started drying … But we can’t massage away in the office, doesn’t really looks so nice or professional. 

I want to show you a quick trick that you can do with a simple tool – a ball-pen. 

Massage near earlobe

1. Press the roundish part on the point of bottom of your ear, near the earlobe.  Massage on the spot for 10 seconds, repeat 4 times. This way can help you rest the brain. 

Massage on temples

2. Press the roundish part of the ball-pen on temple point, massage in a small circular motion clockwise and anti-clockwise, each time 10-15 seconds. This way can help you relieve the stress. 

You will feel much fresher after this, and , No body would even notice how you did it! 🙂 


One thought on “Easy 2 mins Skin refresh you can do in the office”

  1. stella says:

    I tried, I tried, not bad! Guess I pressed a bit too hard, left some red marks…;)  

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