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Eat Right to Get Rid of Pimples…

Do you know that pimples at different places showcase health condition in different body parts? What causes pimples are different according to individual, of course how to get rid of acne and pimples will be different too.    Like myself, I always have pimples on my forehead and chins, which reflects my stomach problems and lack of B vitamin, so I do need to eat more yogurt and tuna, etc. 

Forehead pimples: normally indicate that the digestion malfunction, so drinking more yogurt is recommended. 
Pimples on the cheek:  stomach and liver might have something to notice, eat more tofu, banana and fish.
Pimples in the middle of chin: might caused by malfunction of autonomic nervous system, recommend to eat more tuna and liver products for enough B6 intake.
Pimples under the chin:  more exercises needed and include bigger portion of mushroom and seaweed in your diet.

Eat Right Food to Get Rid of Pimples

In general, we should eat more bean products which has plenty of B2, B6, VC, Zinc and fiber.  If we include some sort of beans in our everyday diet, guess you won’t see pimples that much.   I know it’s easier said than done, but we can always try. 😉
Also try to eat only lean meat, get rid of all the fat and drink plenty of herbal tea, especailly mint tea which has a special effect on killing the pimples. 

So, be careful of what we eat – sometimes they create such a magic!


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