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Eat the Right Food to Fight UV

As I am travelling in south east Asia at the moment, I would like to share some tips on fighting the UV.  Although Australia, New Zealand are winter now, the sunlight is still pretty strong on a sunny day, therefore, protection from the sun is an all-year-round task, not only in summer.

As we all know by now (I hope) that applying sunscreen products before we going outside is important and we need to treat it as a routine.  Another fact that will be make a lot of us happier is:  actually a lot of ingredients contained in the food can help resist ultraviolet rays from the inside out. 

Tomato is the best sunscreen food! Tomato is rich in antioxidants, lycopene, the daily intake of 16 mg of lycopene reduce the risk of sunburn by 40%.  Remember though: Cooked tomatoes are better than eating raw.  That might be a not-too-good news for most of us since we like to just put tomato in our salad…   


Carrot is rich in β-carotene which is a natural sunscreen,  eating one carrot a day you won’t need to worry too much about the UV anymore. 


Watermelon juice contains a variety of ingredients to boost health and beauty,  these ingredients are easily to be absorbed through the skin. Watermelon can help in keep skin’s moisture, nutrition,  act as sun protection, also has the whitening effect. After eating the watermelon, use the skin to massage face, you will also feel refreshed – that’s why a lot of facial mask has the extract from watermelon.  

Green tea

A US study pointed out that the catechins in green tea has strong antioxidant, which is great for skin.  That’s the reason a lot of skin care products containing green tea ingredients.  Another study shows that drinking green tea is a great protection from the sun.  Here we go, try some green tea drinks instead of coca-cola for a change. 

Protect ourselves from the sun UV and eat the right food.  At least, these food are all delicious! 🙂

One thought on “Eat the Right Food to Fight UV”

  1. EliseH says:

    Love all these food, I feel safe now. 🙂

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