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Elbow Care – something we should not ignore when we doing skincare routine

Have you ever experienced something like – from head to toe all look perfect, but when touch your elbow, it’s rough and with darker color than the rest of your body?
That means you have been ignoring care for your elbow in your skin care routine. Time to jump on it!

As you probably know, the cell regeneration cycle is 28 days, you can do 2-3 times overall cleansing of your elbow, no more no less. 

The way I would do it:
1. pull 40 C of water into the basin (while it’s slightly warmer than your body temperature) ,  soak your elbow for 5 mins.

2. Use exfoliate to massage your elbow in circles. Don’t put too much pressure on, just gentle massage will do.  If you have sensitive skin, then wet the cotton with toner, massage your elbow first for about 5 minutes, then follow with the exfoliate. 

3.  After exfoliate, you skin becomes so gentle and ready to absorb more nutrition. Now use some of your favorite body lotion and massage on the elbow in circles.  And You are Done!

4. If after exfoliate, you elbow still looks dull, then what? You can try some essential oil to address that.  Like Chamomile, rose and lemon essential oil, they are good for whitening & pigmentation.


1)  Exfoliate products
You need to choose based on your skin type.  If you have dry and sensitive skin, need to use water/gel based exfoliate, if you have oily skin, then you can use powder based exfoliate.  My elbow skin is thick, thanks for my outdoor activities, so I use the L’Occitane exfoliating rice powder (bought from Xmas sale last year). it’s powder based, but very very fine.

2) Every time you finish using the mask, don’t throw away immediately, still a lot of lotion left on it, put it on your elbows for a few more minutes,  great bonus! 🙂

One thought on “Elbow Care – something we should not ignore when we doing skincare routine”

  1. Rachael00 says:

    Hey thanks for this… I now use my mask for hands, neck and elbow too… so much waste before… 🙂 

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