This morning we went to play tennis. It was such a beautiful day! Although I didn’t sleep well last night (too many things on my mind. Haha), I felt quite energetic, running around, picking up balls… I was feeling really really good! LoL
I used to doing zero exercises at all. Working in a very busy, long-hour industry, I didn’t get any spare time to exercise (maybe it’s an excuse), if I got any spare hour, I would vote for sleep. That was before I came to Australia.
While I was doing my masters, I still didn’t do regular exercise plus poor diet (in the name of saving money)…my body got weaker and my complexion was terrible, no glow at all. Shocked by how I looked in the mirror, I decided to accept my cousin’s advice to join the gym. No, I am not gym junkie, only 2-3 times a week, however, it put me back on track, in terms of health and skin condition. Happy!
Therefore, I have to say, exercise is also very crucial to your skin condition, helps you look younger. Maybe you don’t want to go to the gym, it’s OK. Walk half an hour is a great alternative.. Even when you watch TV or DVD, do some squats with a few books as weight, some sit-ups on the bed before you go to sleep… Exercise opportunity is everywhere. Don’t forget, you will get much bigger return–you’re your way to the glowing skin and shaped & toned body! ^-^
Fight the wrinkles! Start feeling great!

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