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Exercise- crucial for skin…

This morning we went to play tennis. It was such a beautiful day! Although I didn’t sleep well last night (too many things on my mind. Haha), I felt quite energetic, running around, picking up balls… I was feeling really really great! LoL
You know what? I used to not doing exercises at all. Working in a very busy, long-hour industry, I didn’t get any spare time to exercise (maybe it’s an excuse), if I got any spare hour, I would vote for sleep-in. That was before I came to Australia.
While I was finishing my Masters degree, I still didn’t engage with  regular exercises, plus poor diet (in the name of saving money)…my body got weaker and my complexion was terrible, no glow at all.
Shocked by how I looked in the mirror, I decided to accept my cousin’s advice to join the gym. No, I am no gym junkie, only 2-3 times a week, however, it put me back on the right track, in terms of health and skin condition. Happy!
Therefore, I want to advocate — exercise is very crucial to your skin condition, helps you look younger & healthier. Maybe you don’t want to go to the gym, it’s OK.  Half an hour walk is a great alternative.. Even when you watch TV or DVD, do some squats with a few books as weight, some sit-ups in bed before you go to sleep… Exercise opportunity is everywhere, you just need to use them. Don’t forget, you will get much bigger return on investment — you’re on your way to the glowing skin and better toned body! ^-^
Fight the wrinkles! Start feeling great!

3 thoughts on “Exercise- crucial for skin…”

  1. Anonymous says:

    thx for sharing your story, i can see my friend who goes to gym everyday has really good skin…I should also stop finding excuses for myself.  it’s not hard to start, just need to find a way to keep going… 😉

    1. Anonymous says:

       yes, Steph, keep going!

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